5 Ways to Dress Up Tomato Soup Recipe (2024)

Just because your tomato soup is coming from a can, doesn’t mean it can’t have a bit of zing! Check out these 5 ways to dress that soup up for a total tomato soup makeover!

Time for another Fashion Friday, and today we’re introducing our first Food Makeover. Sounds fun, eh?

Today I wanted to throw out a few quick tips to help in the canned soup aisle – namely,with the soup of the tomato variety.

I am all for the straight up Campbell’s Tomato Soup, no frills involved, especially on a cold day. Of course, I need my handy grilled cheese to accompany. However, after visiting Zupa’s more times than I can count, I received a little inspiration when I came across their Tomato Basil Soup. I thought, hey, even when I’m in a rush, I can pull these little tricks off to make my already good canned soup tastetotally gourmet!

Let’s get started!

1)Cream or Milk

Campbell’s even clues you in on this one – on the side of the can, it says that you can substitute the can of water for milk. Voila! Creamy goodness. However, you will notice that the soup may separate a little bit. A higher fat content in your dairy will help mitigate this. What I’ve realized that I prefer is to go water, and then just add a couple tablespoons of heavy cream to give it a nice creamaliciousfinish (don’t do full cream, or even half at that – yeesh! A little too rich – and don’t ask me how I know – haha.)

2) Basil (or other zesty spices)

The heavenly match of tomato and basil! It’s so fantastic. If you are using dried, put it in while the soup is warming to help release the flavors. I love using the Lighthouse freeze-dried stuff. If you are using fresh, adding right at the end helps release the best flavor. You can just do a rough tear of the leaves or a chiffonade. I also added me a little bit of Lighthouse Oregano this time as well.

3)Orzo Pasta

Zupa’s was genius with this one. Basically they have “add-ins” that you can throw in, and these mini little diamond pastas, well they are fabulous. I just cook them up per their package instructions in a tiny little pan at the same time the soup is warming up. Then after I drain them, I toss in a little olive oil and throw in a bowl so each person can serve up what they want.

4) Sharp Cheddar

I’m assuming this one is also a no-brainer since we all know grilled cheese and tomato soup rock one’s world! But how about just grating some delicious cheddar right into the soup? Make it sharp though! In fact, maybe I’m just a cheese snob but I don’t even buy cheddar unless it’s sharp. No, I take that back. I also buy extra sharp. Tillamook is my ultimate fav!If you are really feeling the urge, go ahead and buy the smoked cheddar to give it even more kick.

5) More Tomato!

Say what? Yes, give that soup a little freshness by throwing in more tomato. Make sure it’s pulverized though! I just core, quickly peel off as much of the skin as I can with a paring knife (a little left won’t hurt anything), and then throw the whole tomato into my Blendtec twister jar which does a top-notch job. And I would definitely recommend a Roma variety (which is meatier and less acidic).This just gives the soup a fresher feel without all of the work of a whole tomato soup from scratch.

Well, there you go folks. Try one, try all. They are fabulous. And of course, don’t forget to drizzle a little olive oil on top for good measure, as well as a couple grinds of salt and pepper.

I hope you enjoyed this little “food makeover”. Tell us what other foods need a facelift! And share your food makeovers with us on Instagram by tagging @foodapparel #foodapparel #foodmakeover.

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5 Ways to Dress Up Tomato Soup Recipe (12)

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5 Ways to Dress Up Tomato Soup Recipe (2024)


What can I add to tomato soup to make it better? ›

18 Must-Try Toppings for Your Tomato Soup
  1. Pretzels!
  2. Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Crackers.
  3. Pumpkin Seeds.
  4. Croutons.
  5. Tortilla Strips.
  6. Cheese.
  7. Avocado.
  8. Sour Cream.

How to spice up tomato soup from a can? ›

Use Herbs and Seasonings

Add chopped fresh basil or parsley at the end of cooking to bring out that rich tomato flavor. Turn to your pantry for seasonings like fresh cracked black pepper, Italian seasoning or oregano, stirring them in while the soup is still cooking.

How do you make Campbell's tomato soup taste better? ›

In a saucepan, combine tomato soup and 1 can full of milk of choice or heavy cream. Add garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning, cayenne pepper, salt, and black pepper and let sit on medium-low heat for about 10 minutes. Pour into bowls and top with parmesan cheese and fresh basil.

What enhances the flavor of tomatoes? ›

Yes, there are other ways to make your tomatoes taste even better and increase the acidity. There is lemon, vinegar, or my personal favorite, balsamic. Just imagine a tomato bruschetta with a balsamic vinaigrette drizzled on top. Yummy!

How can I make my soup taste better? ›

Use fresh vegetables, high-quality meats or broth, and fresh herbs to add depth of flavor. Add acidity: A squeeze of lemon or lime juice, a dash of vinegar, or a splash of wine can brighten the flavors of a soup and make it taste more complex.

How do you jazz up canned soup? ›

Depending on the soup's flavor profile, you could shake in some cumin or red pepper flakes. Go green: Add some spinach or chopped kale or pesto. Get zesty: A squirt of lemon juice or zest could brighten up an otherwise flat soup. Starchy things: Homemade croutons, crushed tortilla chips, or oyster crackers.

How do you jazz up a can of soup? ›

But to put some pep back in your soup's step, you're going to want to add more. Start by sautéing any combination of finely chopped vegetables and alliums—like onion, garlic, carrots, celery, bell peppers, and ginger. Whatever you choose is going to infuse the entire can of soup you're about to heat.

How to make tomato soup more tomatoey? ›

For the most intense tomato flavor, include a couple tablespoons of tomato paste. To get the most out of it, add it to the pan when aromatics like onion and garlic are softened, but before adding the tomatoes. Let the paste cook, stirring frequently, for a few minutes, or until it starts to darken in color.

How do you mellow out tomato soup? ›

Taste broth; if its flavor is too sharp or acidic, add 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and stir well (it will foam at first). Taste and repeat if needed.

Why does my tomato soup taste bland? ›

Always check seasonings and taste-test before serving. If the soup tastes bland at all, a bit more salt will do the trick, that doesn't just apply to this tomato soup recipe but just about anything you'll ever find yourself cooking.

What can I add to tomato soup to make it less sour? ›

If the soup is too acidic, add a pinch of baking soda (see note). You want the soup to taste balanced and delicious. Serve the soup with a decorative drizzle of cream.

How do you make soup taste richer? ›

Go Bold. A punch of flavor at the end of cooking can make your soup a standout. Mix herbs like parsley, thyme, and oregano, or spices such as cumin, coriander, and cardamom, into some olive oil, and let it infuse for at least an hour or two. Pour it over soup just before serving.

How do you make tomato soup less tomato tasting? ›

  1. Add Sweet Ingredients:Sugar: A small amount of granulated sugar can help counteract the tartness of the tomatoes. ...
  2. Use Sweet Tomatoes: Different varieties of tomatoes have varying levels of acidity. ...
  3. Cream or Dairy: Adding dairy, such as heavy cream or half-and-half, can mellow the acidity of the soup and prov.
Aug 27, 2023

What can I add to my soup to make it tastier? ›

"Ground paprika, turmeric, nutmeg, ground ginger, and other powdered spices add a touch of color and spiciness to broths," she says. As a general rule, use fresh herbs at or near the end of cooking and dried herbs and spices early on. This helps you get the flavors you're looking for in the right balance.

How do you fix bad tomato soup? ›

If the tomato was just a little sour you can try:
  1. A little bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) to reduce the sourness or.
  2. add a little sugar to balance the acid in the tomato.
  3. Add a little lemon juice, vinegar or hot sauce and just go with a sour stew.
Aug 27, 2023

Why doesn't my tomato soup taste good? ›

If your tomatoes are not ripe or lacking in flavor, it can result in a less vibrant soup. Store-bought brands may use tomatoes processed at their peak ripeness. Seasoning: Homemade soups often require proper seasoning with salt, pepper, and other.

Is tomato soup better with milk or water? ›

The standard direction for a can of condensed Tomato Soup is to put the condensed soup in a saucepan, fill the can with water, add the water to the pan, stir, and heat just to the point of simmer. BUT. It's MUCH better with Milk, which makes it a creamy tomato soup, a bit more like a tomato bisque.


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